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Behold The Lamb Of God Concert

by | Nov 30, 2011 | College & Career, JH & HS (Oasis) | 0 comments

Oasis and College & Career Folks,

Several Decembers ago, Chris Gaston drove to Nashville, TN, for Andrew Peterson’s Behold The Lamb Of God concert tour, which chronologically traces the coming of Christ from Old Testament types and prophecies through the birth and life of Christ.  Gaston came back singing its praises (not literally, which I felt the need to clarify since physically singing praises would not be out of the question for a musician).  Since he purchased the Behold The Lamb Of God album while there, I got to listen to it, and, almost immediately, it became my favorite Christmas album.  But I know what some of you are thinking.  “Chad’s musical trustworthiness has been tainted because he likes Christian rap,” so I’ll mention that in addition to Chris Gaston, who doesn’t love rap, it is also now the favorite Christmas album of my wife, who doesn’t even like rap.

Well, to my surprise (and delight), I found out that the Behold The Lamb Of God concert tour will be at KE Bushman’s in Bullard at 7pm next Wednesday night, December 7th.  So, I bought 25 tickets to the event for the Oasis students and college & career folks to enjoy.  The tickets were $18/ea., but they will be distributed on a pay whatever you can basis.

So, here’s the plan for next Wednesday night:

  • Eat dinner at Sylvania from 5pm-6pm.
  • When the children and adults go their separate ways at 6pm, we’ll load into vehicles and head to Bullard.
  • I’m not sure exactly how long the concert will last, but I have been told that it is approximately 2 hours long.  You’ll need to arrange transportation home, although Amanda and I would be willing to take people home afterward (we can seat 3 others).

Please RSVP for this event by this Sunday, so I can attempt to get extra tickets if necessary.  If you’re not able to go with the Oasis and C&C folks that night, don’t stay home!  Take the opportunity to attend the prayer meeting from 6pm-7pm, since all of the other regular Wednesday night services are happening as usual.


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