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Treatment Starts When You Enter

Is there any sin, however despicable, that cannot be cleansed and washed away by the blood of Christ? No, there is not one. Is there any sin, however trivial in the eyes of the world, that will not damn a man to Hell if he makes his peace with it? No, not one. The...

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What Is Worship?

"Worship is declaring—with our lips and lives—that God is more important than anything else to us, that He is our deepest desire, that His inherent worth is beyond everything else we hold dear." - Ligon Duncan, Perspectives on Christian Worship

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What Is a Local Church?

"A local church is a group of Christians who regularly gather in Christ's name to officially affirm and oversee one another's membership in Jesus Christ and his kingdom through gospel preaching and gospel ordinances." - Jonathan Leeman, Church Membership

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Should Churches Have Elders (Plural)?

"I think the Bible clearly teaches that local congregations should be led by a plurality of elders. This is the consistent pattern of churches in the New Testament. For instance, Paul told Timothy to appoint them at the churches in every town (in Titus 1:5; cf. Acts...

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Theology with Legs

I've really enjoyed Phillip's walk through the pastoral epistles and especially the focus on what kind of community the Gospel calls us to be. I think I can speak for the other elders when I say that one element we would love to see flourishing more at Sylvania is...

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