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CRUCIAL Student Life Mission Camp Info

by | Mar 26, 2011 | JH & HS (Oasis)

Oasis Peoples,

Registration is now closed.

We’re in a make or break situation right now regarding Student Life Mission Camp.  The short of the story is that March 30, 2011, is the registration deadline. After that date, I will have to contact Student Life to either dramatically decrease the number of spots for which we are registered or cancel the trip entirely.  Here’s the deal…

With the excitement those who went last year generally demonstrated about going back this year and with the significant price decrease from last year, I assumed filling the usual number of spots would be no problem.  That, however, has not been the case to this point.  In fact, only 3 people have reserved spots in response to my 3 posts asking people to sign up.

Because we’re getting close to the “point of no return” (i.e., the time Sylvania is obligated to pay the full price for all 35 spots for which we are currently registered), the time to register is now.  Please be aware that my point is not to make you feel obligated to go to mission camp.  In fact, unless you have all ready registered for camp, thereby obligating  yourself, none of you are in any way obligated to go.  My point is, however, to communicate the urgency of the situation for those who want to go to mission camp.  So, if you’re planning to go and you’ve been checking your calendar, trying to figure out how you’ll pay for it, just plain procrastinating, etc., then the time has come to make a decision.

While I did not lie when I said, “my point is not to make you feel obligated to go to mission camp,” neither does that mean that I’m passive about wanting you to attend.  I’m not.  In fact, I very much want all of you to attend.  I love going to camp with you guys.  The time I get to spend with you there is very, very precious to me.  And it has historically been very good for everyone who attended.  If were forced to give a “sales pitch” for it, I would go something like this: “I think it is a fantastic opportunity to ‘one another’ one another (i.e., serving, encouraging, spurring on, praying for, warning, truth-speaking, up building, etc., etc.), pray together, devote ourselves to the Word together, deepen our relationships with and genuine love for one another, and to serve others in a self-sacrificing way, praying for doors to be opened for us to communicate the real Gospel of Jesus to people.”

If you’re “sold” on mission camp like I am, then please make sure you let me know by March 30th that you are planning to be there (I have until April 1st to change my numbers with Student Life without having to pay for all 35 spots for which are currently registered).

Registration is now closed.

Very Much Wanting to Go to Mission Camp with You,