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Lights In The Park (VBS 2012)

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Sylvania Family & Friends,

Lights in the Park, our 2012 VBS, will be held at Bergfeld Park from 5:30pm-7:15pm on June 5th-7th. Here’s what you need to know (for now, at least):

1) Register.

You can print the registration form for Lights in the Park by clicking HERE (Link no longer available).

2) Promote.

There are lots of ways we are attempting to promote Lights in the Park, but the most effective promotion is you. How can you help with the promotion of VBS?

  • Social Media. Update your social media accounts (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Foursquare, LinkedIn, etc.) with an enthusiastic recommendation and a link to this blog post.
  • Physical Places. Print THIS FLIER (Link no longer available) and hang it on doors in your neighborhood, or print THIS BANNER (Link no longer available) and post it on the cork board at your office, etc.
  • Calls & Texts. Contact the individuals who are on your heart and mind, and point them to our website to register.

3) Serve.

Lights in the Park simply cannot be accomplished by a handful (even a very large hand) of church members. If you’re willing to help, here is the list of roles/responsibilities for which we need glad-hearted servants:

  • Setup/Tear Down/Runners/Helpers/Perimeter Watchers.
  • Bible Time.
  • Nursery/Childcare
  • Snack Providers (i.e., those willing to bring individually wrapped goldfish, pretzels or other snacks)
  • Snack Distribution
  • Crafts
  • Games
  • Music
  • Registration (1st Two Nights Only)
  • Follow Up/In-Home Visits

Please contact the church office if you have any questions. We’re looking forward to serving alongside you for the greater enjoyment of the precious Gospel of Jesus!


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