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May 2013 Book Table At Sylvania

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A quick glance at the Sylvania Church calendar reveals that May is a particularly family-oriented month. Mothers are celebrated (May 12th), seniors are graduated, and babies are dedicated. As result, it only seems appropriate to have a particularly family-oriented book table. Every book on the table speaks to families with children of all ages and we could not recommend them more highly. You?ll find links below to a great price on each book and you?ll find copies of each book for your perusal on the book table in the main foyer (located between the sanctuary and the fellowship hall).

ApParent Privilege.

Written by Steve Wright and Chris Graves, ApParent Privilege is the best introduction to discipleship in the home that I?ve ever read. It provides not only the ?what?s? of discipling children, but also the ?how?s? and the ?why?s.? If your children are still living under your roof, then this book is for you.

Family Vocation.

Highly recommended by Phillip Dancy, Family Vocation by Gene Veith and Mary Moerbe examines the unique ?vocations? that exist within the family?husband, wife, parent, child?from a distinctly biblical perspective, equipping each member of the family to glorify God in his/her specific vocation(s).

Shepherding A Child?s Heart.

Shepherding a Child?s Heart by Tedd Tripp is a modern parenting classic. I originally read it because I kept stumbling upon recommendations of it by many of the authors, pastors, friends whose faith and parenting I deeply admire. A tremendous blessing to the parent concerned not merely with correcting a child?s behavior, but also in shepherding a child?s heart.

Instructing A Child?s Heart.

In Deuteronomy 6:5-9, God highlights the role of parents in the discipleship of their children. The aim of Instructing a Child?s Heart by Tedd Tripp is simply to unfold the implications and applications of this passage. For more on this book, Tim Challies has written a helpful review.

Peacemaking For Families.

In 1991, Ken Sande wrote a functional masterpiece on biblical conflict resolution entitled The Peacemaker, which has been updated many times since and continues to be a (or possibly the) go-to resource on the subject. If you can get past the cheesy cover, the contents of the family edition of The Peacemaker are just as valuable as the original.

Which Parenting Books Do You Recommend?

Which family/parenting books have been most valuable in your family and what has made them so valuable to you? Let us know in the comments below.



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