No Hungry Children


 What Is No Hungry Children (NHC)?

Sylvania Church in Tyler, TX, has an ongoing partnership with a local and rapidly expanding ministry called No Hungry Children. The ministry of No Hungry Children has two primary components.

A Local Mission.

The first component is local. No Hungry Children collects non-perishable food items throughout the year, and primarily at the annual No Hungry Children Benefit Festival here in Tyler. 100% of all non-perishable food items are distributed through St. Paul Children’s Foundation to to those in need right here in Tyler, TX.

A Global Mission.

The second component is global. No Hungry Children collects money to provide for children in Africa. Because every No Hungry Children Benefit Festival is entirely underwritten, 100% of every dollar given and every dollar our guests spend at the event go directly to children in Africa. The provision for these children comes in three forms:

1) Formal Education.

NHC partners with Maurice Odhiambo and his organization, Manna Ministries, which funds schools for children in Kenya who otherwise have no access to formal education.

2) Physical Food.

Not surprisingly, No Hungry Children aims at having no hungry children in Africa. As such, the overwhelming majority of all funds received at No Hungry Children Benefit Festivals put food into the mouths of children who otherwise would have none. We were stunned to learn that just $1 provides enough food for a child in Africa to eat lunch and dinner for an entire week, which means that we can feed a child for 7 days for less than it costs us to buy one bottled water.

3) Spiritual Food.

Through its partnership with Manna Ministries, NHC funds the equipping of chaplains for each of Manna’s growing number of schools in Africa. Their aim is to equip these chaplains to make disciples of the children, protecting them from the rapidly spreading and spiritually cancerous “prosperity gospel,” as it is sometimes called, and training them in the true gospel of Jesus.

Ready to Join Us in Our Pursuit of No Hungry Children?

Volunteer for the 2014 No Hungry Children event or contact us to find out how you can be part of our local and global discipleship efforts through No Hungry Children.