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Monthly Update: Wes & Betsy English

by | Nov 10, 2010 | JH & HS (Oasis)

For Praise:

·         Wes’ Relay Worker, Sadie, and Lucy, a Taiwanese student from Guys, have been meeting up and will begin reading the Bible together today.

·         The talks Wes gave at various CU meetings last month went well.

For Prayer:

·         Christian Union Weekends Away—

o       King’s College London, Guys Campus—Please pray that attending last weekend will help students stay committed to CU, build lasting friendships, and participate in Mission Week in January.

o       Goldsmiths—Please pray for their weekend away at the beginning of December.  A lot of details still need to be organized, like finding a speaker.

·         Greenwich Maritime University—

o       Only one person other than Michael and Evelyne has been attending CU.  Please pray for more Christian students to hear about CU and get involved.

o       Michael is reluctant to meet either with a local pastor or Wes for discipleship.  Please pray he would, as he’s been a Christian for only about a year and is struggling with what to believe on several issues.

·         London South Bank University

o       We need new people in the CU to take responsibility, as the current leader, a nursing student, will be on placement in a hospital and not on campus much.

o       Please pray for a girl who came to CU and was keen to ask questions.  We’re not sure if she’s a Christian, and Sadie wants to meet up with her to talk some more.

For pictures, video clips, and more, check out our blog at https://wbsenglish.blogspot.com (posts also via Betsy’s Facebook page).

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