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Moving Party For The Pastor

by | Aug 20, 2010 | JH & HS (Oasis) | 2 comments

Sylvania Family,

The Lord has provided a house for our new pastor and his family, and they are planning to close on Friday, September 17th.  The plan is to bless the Dancy’s by moving them out of their old house and into their new house.  We’ll leave Tyler on Thursday morning, September 16th, head to the Dancy’s house in Mississippi, and will return early in the afternoon on Friday, September 17th, hoping we’ll be able to move them into their new house that same afternoon, although that will depend on what time they finish closing.  Here is what we need:

  1. People to load the Dancy’s stuff from their house in Mississippi.
  2. People to clean the Dancy’s old house as rooms are emptied.
  3. People to clean the Dancy’s new house before we arrive.
  4. People to unload the Dancy’s stuff into their house in Tyler.

If you can help, please RSVP ASAP by responding to this email so that we can make arrangements.  Thanks in advance for your help!


  1. Anonymous

    I can help make their new home sparkle…let me know!

  2. Anonymous

    Let’s see if this works now. I would love to help!….however…I realized that Friday is Penni’s rehearsal dinner, but if we could have access to the house a few days before, I would be able to do that!


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