Sylvania U

Online Discipleship CoursesWhat is “Sylvania U?” It is the online discipleship ministry of Sylvania Church. Through Sylvania U, students will have the opportunity to take fully formed online discipleship courses. These classes will cover a variety of topics, from individual Bible book studies, Church History, Theology, Family Life, Apologetics, Living the Basic Christian Life, and so on.

Free Online Discipleship Classes?

God has blessed Sylvania Church with a unique blend of well trained Bible teachers. As such, we feel a distinct privilege and obligation to use the gifts God has given us to bless our congregation, community, and world. So, we are going to be offering free online discipleship classes! Some of these classes will be geared toward those in our membership, some may require the taking of other courses as prerequisites, but – for the most part – the courses will be available to anyone willing to take the time to participate.

General Structure of the Online Courses

Though each course will differ depending on the teacher and the material covered, the general format will be: (1) the reading of a particular text (2) lectures (either in video, powerpoint, or some other web-media format), (3) quizzes and tests over material covered, and (4) an interactive “thread” discussion over various subjects and topics – functioning like “class discussion.”

Check it Out.

If you’re looking for manageable, free online discipleship courses you can take at your own pace, then welcome to Sylvania U. Peruse our course selection and join us today!

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