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Our Pastoral Candidate Is Coming This Weekend!

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Here are a few reminders regarding the coming of Sylvania’s pastoral candidate this weekend:


  1. The meet/greet reception with Dr. Phillip Dancy will be held in the Sylvania Fellowship Hall this Saturday from 2pm-4pm.
  • Dr. Dancy will preach in view of a call during the 10:15am worship service this Sunday.
  • The members of Sylvania will meet briefly immediately following the 10:15am worship service to, Lord willing, approve Dr. Dancy as senior pastor of Sylvania Church.
  • You may listen to Dr. Dancy’s sermons by clicking the link below (this is the same link that was sent last week).

NOTE: Phillip’s blog is now hosted here and his sermon audio is here.

  • Dr. Dancy has written a brief autobiography, which we have included below (the same one that was made available this Sunday morning).

Though it goes without saying, please devote yourselves to prayer with us regarding this weekend’s activities (especially the vote!).

We hope to see you guys Wednesday night for Family Worship!

– The Sylvania Staff & Elders


Dr. Dancy’s Brief Autobiography:

Dr. Phillip Dancy was born on April 13, 1978 in Memphis, TN. He grew up “attending” church, but had no real desire to follow after God. After having a “walk the aisle” experience in the third grade, Phillip began to question the very existence of God. Coming to the conclusion that there was a God, Phillip challenged and hated everything about the God that he found in the Bible. Yet, by God’s grace, Phillip had a life changing encounter with Jesus at age 14. Phillip felt a call into vocational ministry a few years later. Most of what he knew about ministry strongly discouraged him. Like Jonah, he ran from God’s calling on his life. However, God was faithful. Phillip’s heart was captured to become a preacher of the gospel, and he submitted himself to the ministry of the Word.

During this time, Phillip graduated from the University of Memphis with a degree in Psychology. Shortly after graduation, he married his life-long friend Amanda. They have two beautiful and lively little boys. Their oldest son Andrew is four and their youngest son Aiden is 22 months. Amanda graduated from Vanderbilt University, spent several years in corporate America, and loves her current work of full-time “stay at home” mom.

Phillip has served at three churches in a variety of ministry capacities. He served at First Baptist in Olive Branch, MS as a Youth Ministry intern for nearly three years. After this, he served for five years at Longview Heights in Olive Branch, MS in the areas of youth, adult discipleship, and outreach. Phillip served most recently at First Baptist in Winona, MS as senior pastor. Phillip has over 10 years of preaching, teaching, evangelism, missions, and discipleship experience. During the course of his ministry work, Phillip has earned two additional degrees: the Master of Divinity degree in 2003 and the Doctor of Philosophy degree in 2007. Both degrees were primarily in the fields of Church History and Theology. In conjunction with his degrees and ministry experience, Phillip has written published articles in the fields of history and pastoral ministry. He has also taught at the college and seminary level. One of his greatest joys, however, is the privilege of having served on several national and international mission trips.

When Phillip isn’t spending time with his family, studying and preaching the Word, or serving the church, he absolutely loves physical activity. He loves to play basketball, to go for runs, and to do all kinds of exercise. He likes to be outside and he likes to sweat! Phillip ran his first Half-Marathon last December and hopes to tackle a Triathlon sometime in the near future.

To sum up, Phillip has four great loves in his life: he loves Jesus, he loves his family, he loves the ministry, and he loves to have a good time, especially with the people of God.


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