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Unrighteous Steward || Luke 16:1-13 || Sylvania Church
Posted on February 12, 2020
By Phillip Dancy

“Unrighteous Steward”
Luke 16:1-13

I. One of The Most Difficult Parables In The Scripture
A. The basics
B. What makes this deceptive and unrighteous?
II. The Interpretation
A. It begins in the middle of verse 8
B. “The sons of this age” versus “the sons of light”
C. The people of this world are more concerned and
sensible about their future well-being, and more
willing to do what is necessary to secure it, than the
believing community often is
D. How it applies
E. We can’t serve two masters: God and “wealth”

Unrighteous Steward || Luke 16:1-13 || Sylvania Church
Luke Series

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