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Question from the study last night…

by | Sep 10, 2011 | College & Career

It was good to see all of you who came last night to our study on Six Steps to Reading Your Bible. I hope the introduction got you to thinking about where we are going and what you want to learn during this training.  I’m excited at how many of you came and are hungering to be discipled further in Bible study.  Thanks again to Rick and Rae Lynn Sutsch for their sweet hospitality (and the cookies!)

A question was asked last night about how to handle questions when you don’t know the Bible all that well, yet. Specifically, how do you handle it when others ask about why you are a Christian and you feel unfamiliar with the Bible?  I will tell you that of the three “Six Step” studies we will be doing, one of them will be “Six Steps to Sharing Jesus.”

However, another suggestion would be to have some familiarity with some key texts regarding sin, repentance, Christ’s sacrifice and what it means, etc., because the Word of God is powerful, not our clever turns of phrase.  I’ve redone a list that I received from an SBTS professor that charts 40 verses used in evangelism that I think are helpful for quick conversations.  It’s not exhaustive, but helpful.

I believe the best way is to set aside time and read with someone through Mark, for example, over time. Not only does this provide more exposure to God’s Word, but it also begins the process of discipleship.  We are to “make disciples” not just converts. This is ultimately what we are learning to do in this six week study.  However, the opportunity given may only allow for a quick defense.  Hopefully, this list is helpful to you.

All of my books are gone (15!). So, if you couldn’t make it last night and want to come next week, please let me know.  The assignment this week (should you choose to accept it) is to read through Mark 1-5, a chapter a day (you can read through 7 if you want – be a rebel), and ask, “what does this say about Jesus?”  Write down a short answer, a sentence or two.  We will discuss this first thing next week.

Grace and peace to you all.  We’ll see you tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m., Lord willin’ and the crick don’ rise.