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Reminders 4 Student Life Mission Camp

by | Jun 30, 2010 | JH & HS (Oasis) | 0 comments

To those who are attending Student Life Mission Camp, we’re leaving THIS SUNDAY!  Here are just a few reminders before you show up Sunday morning:

  1. We’ll meet at the church at 7:45am SHARP, so that we can make the best use of our driver’s time since the law mandates that bus drivers may only be “on the clock” for a certain amount of time per day.
  2. We’re planning to return to Sylvania Friday night (actually Saturday morning) between midnight and 1am.  To avoid waiting on us in the church parking lot in the event that we’re running late, you may want to work out with your child how you’d like he or she to contact you to let you know a more precise arrival time (I’m thinking calling the home phone with little ones asleep in the house may not work well for some of you!).
  3. You’ll need to bring your $10 key deposit (must be a $10 bill) to the registration table inside the Oasis Sunday morning.
  4. You’ll need an overnight bag in addition to your luggage for the hotel stay (pack swim stuff!).
  5. You’ll need to bring your own bedding (i.e., sheets, pillows, etc.) for the dorm rooms.
  6. You’ll need your own towel(s)!!!!

If you need a copy of the Sylvania Waiver & Medical Release, the Student Life Waiver, what you should or should not bring, etc., you may find all of those things on our website by clicking here (link no longer available).  If you’re unable to access those things online, just let me know and I’ll get you what you need.

Parents, you’ll want to check out the Student Life Experience where you can email your child, purchase gift cards for them, see pictures and news from camp daily, and even watch live the very worship services we are attending!

Let me know if you have any other questions!  I’m excited to get to camp with you guys!

Chad Barnes

Student Minister

Sylvania Church

[email protected]

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