Music Ministry

Welcome to the music ministry at Sylvania Church. As you read, please let us know if you have questions.

Our Approach to Music Ministry.

In accord with the Sylvania Philosophy of Worship & Music, the music ministry at Sylvania places a premium on Christ-centered, Gospel-oriented theology and undistracting musical excellence.

A song must do more than sound great. It must be great. In a worship setting, this requires Christ-centered, Gospel-oriented theological content. In other words, the words we sing should make a huge deal out of Jesus because He alone is worthy of all praise, honor, and glory forever and ever.

“Undistracting excellence” has been our motto for almost a decade now. By this we mean that we want the music to sound excellently without calling attention to those producing the sounds. Though we certainly believe musical style matters in a worship service, we place the highest premium in our song selection on the theology of the songs. The result is that you will find at Sylvania old songs (i.e., hymns) played in an “old” style (i.e., organ-driven), old songs played in a “new” style, and new songs (i.e., “worship songs,” as they are commonly called) played in new style.

Interview & Try Out.

We are always looking for godly, talented musicians who want to use their musical talents to lead others to the throne of grace. If you are interested in interviewing and trying out for the worship team (our musicians) or praise team (our singers), then please let us know. Thanks!