Welcome to Sylvania Church in Tyler TX.

Among the plethora of churches in Tyler TX, we are thankful that you’ve found this one. Sylvania Church is a Bible-saturated, Gospel-driven, missions-oriented, reformed, Southern Baptist church in Tyler TX whose aim is to see Jesus supremely treasured (Matthew 13:44) by every person in every nation on earth. As result, the discipleship efforts of Sylvania Church extend well beyond the members of Sylvania Church and the people of Tyler TX. We are actively involved in making followers of Jesus in Smith County, the greater East Texas area, the United States, and numerous other nations with the goal of one day actively making disciples in every culture in every nation of the world.

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Our Approach to Scripture.

Our approach to Scripture is exposed clearly through our affiliations and affirmations. First, as a Gospel Coalition church in Tyler TX, Sylvania affirms the gospel as it is stated in The Gospel Coalition Confessional Statement. Next, as a Baptist Church in Tyler TX, Sylvania affirms the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message. Together with our support of the Southern Baptist Cooperative Program, our affirmation of this official doctrinal statement makes us an affiliate of both the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention (SBTC) and the Southern Baptist Convention. As a reformed church in Tyler TX, our beliefs are most accurately reflected in the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith. Though this commitment was once common among Baptists, today it places Sylvania in the doctrinal minority not only among Baptist churches in Tyler TX, but among all churches in Tyler. Finally, as a 9Marks church in Tyler TX, Sylvania affirms a high view of the local church and church membership. To learn more about what we believe, check out What We Believe in the menu above or contact us.

Our Approach to Ministry.

Sylvania is a “means of grace” church in Tyler TX. “What are the ordinary means of grace?”, you might ask. The phrase itself is not found in Scripture, but the means themselves are. The ordinary means of grace are the means God normally uses to extend His grace to people. They include Scripture, prayer, community, and the ordinances, which are baptism and communion (aka the Lord’s Supper). In practice, devotion to the ordinary means of grace mean that we regularly submit ourselves together to God’s Word, consistently commit ourselves to prayer together, celebrate together monthly the Lord’s Supper in remembrance of the substitutionary sacrifice of our Lord Jesus, and commit ourselves to strengthening, encouraging, exhorting, and sacrificing for one another in community. That’s what we mean when we say we are a “means of grace” church in Tyler TX.

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Our Approach to Mission.

Scripture persuades us that our God is a saving God and He is eternally committed to saving a people for Himself from every tribe, tongue and nation. He has not only invited, but lovingly commands His redeemed people to actively seek ways to  positively pray, preach, and plant gospel seed locally, regionally, nationally and internationally until He returns. He promises that His Word will not return void, so we believe and pray and preach His Word both in season and out of season, trusting Him to bring about the harvest for His glory. We invite you to join us as we seek to use the spiritual and monetary gifts and resources He provides to make disciples in Tyler, Texas, across the United States, and in other parts of the world. Check our missions pages to learn more about our disciple-making efforts.

Our Approach to Sunday.

The primary weekly meetings at Sylvania Church in Tyler TX are Bible study and corporate worship, which happen every Sunday at 9am and 10:20am, respectively. Children and teenagers attend Bible study classes that are appropriately tailored to his or her developmental stage. Although college students and young singles are welcomed to attend any Bible study class, most of them are part of the college & career class. Finally, there are a number of adult classes that range from studies through entire sections or books of the Bible to topical studies. Next, the corporate worship services at Sylvania are orchestrated according to the regulative principle, which means that our aim is for the Bible to regulate which elements should be included in our worship services. On a final note, we recognize that every church in Tyler TX (including Sylvania) has members with differing preferences and philosophies regarding Sunday attire, but the clothing landscape at Sylvania on a given Sunday gives evidence of our conviction that neither suits nor jeans and t-shirts are inherently more pleasing to God. So, wear your clothes in an effort to honor Christ (1 Cor. 10:31) and join us this Sunday at 9:00am.

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