Our aim is for Jesus to be supremely enjoyed by every person in every place on earth.

To fulfill this Great Commission, we are actively seeking to make disciples internally, locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.

Welcome to Sylvania Church in Tyler TX

Churches in Tyler TXOur Aim.

Among the plethora of churches in Tyler TX, we are thankful that you’ve found this one. Sylvania Church is a Bible-saturated, Gospel-driven, missions-oriented, reformed, and Southern Baptist church in Tyler TX whose aim is to see Jesus supremely treasured (Matthew 13:44) by every person in every nation on earth. As result, the discipleship efforts of Sylvania Church extend well beyond the members of Sylvania Church and the people of Tyler TX. We are actively involved in making followers of Jesus in Smith County, the greater East Texas area, the United States, and numerous other nations with the goal of one day actively making disciples in every culture in every nation of the world.

Our Distinctives.

There are a number of doctrinal distinctives that carve out for Sylvania a particular niche among churches in Tyler TX. Theologically, Sylvania is a Southern Baptist church. As do all Southern Baptist churches in Tyler TX, Sylvania affirms the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message, which serves as the official doctrinal statement of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, or SBTC, as part of the Southern Baptist Convention.

What We Believe | Sylvania ChurchSylvania’s commitment to reformed theology, however, means that our beliefs are most accurately reflected in the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith. This makes Sylvania Church unique not only among Baptist churches in Tyler TX, but also among most churches in Tyler TX. In fact, we are aware of only a few other churches in Tyler TX that share this commitment. Of those, Sylvania Church is to our knowledge the only reformed church in Tyler TX that is affiliated with the SBTC. To learn more about what we believe, check out the “About” pages in the menu above or get in touch with us. We would love to talk.

Our Approach to Ministry.

Sylvania Church has adopted an approach to ministry that is centered upon what are sometimes called “the ordinary means of grace.” This raises the question you may be asking: What are the ordinary means of grace? The phrase itself is not found in Scripture, but the means themselves are. The ordinary means of grace are the means God normally uses to extend His grace to people. They include Scripture, prayer, community, and the ordinances, which are baptism and communion (aka the Lord’s Supper). This “means of grace” approach to church ministry is certainly not exclusive to Sylvania among churches in Tyler TX, but the practical outworking of the ordinary means of grace at Sylvania serves to distinguish Sylvania from most churches in Tyler TX.

Our Approach to Missions.

We also believe that proper worship of God leads to an ever-increasing love for the world that expresses itself in local, regional, national, and global disciple-making. This is the meaning of Jesus’ final commands to His disciples, which are captured in Matthew 28:18-20 and Acts 1:8. For this reason, Sylvania Church in Tyler TX is actively engaged in disciple-making in the city of Tyler, the state of Texas, across the United States, and in other parts of the world. Check out our missions pages to learn more about our discipleship efforts.

Considering Churches in Tyler TX?

If you are considering churches in Tyler TX, then we would love for you to join the people of Sylvania Church this Sunday for Bible study at 9am and for corporate worship at 10:20am. In addition, we eat dinner together every Wednesday night at 5pm and worship together at 6pm.

Will You Join Us?

To conclude our little welcome, we want you to know that we’re glad you stopped by the website of Sylvania Church in Tyler TX. As you look around, please let us know if you have questions or comments about anything you read here. Certainly our blog and even some of our pages have comment boxes at the bottom where you can dialogue with us right here on our website. Or if you’d prefer to talk to one of us by phone, email or in person, all of our contact information may be found (oddly enough!) under the “Contact” tab in our menu bar.