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Sylvania Church in Tyler TX

Worship at Sylvania Church

Sundays: 9am Bible Study, 10:20am Corporate Worship

Wednesdays: 5pm Dinner, 6pm Services

2801 S SE Loop 323
Tyler, TX 75701
(903) 592-1591
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The Heart of Sylvania Church

Sylvania is a Bible-saturated, Gospel-driven, missions-oriented, reformed, Southern Baptist church in Tyler, TX, whose aim is to see Jesus supremely treasured (Matthew 13:44) not only here in Tyler and Smith County, but in every people group in every nation on earth.

Devoted to Scripture

Together with all Southern Baptist churches in Tyler TX, Sylvania affirms the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message. Being reformed, however, our beliefs are most accurately reflected in the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith. Our identification with 9Marks signifies our commitments to expository preaching, the gospel, biblical theology, discipleship, membership, biblical leadership, etc. Our affirmation of the Gospel Coalition statement of faith and vision reflects our cross-denominational agreement regarding the nature and centrality of the gospel of Jesus according to Scripture. For more, check out What We Believe, listen to our sermon audio, read our blog, or contact us. We’d love to talk!

Living in Community

The general approach to ministry at Sylvania Church approach to ministry is shaped by the “ordinary means of grace.” In practice, devotion to the means of grace means that together we regularly (1) submit ourselves together to God’s Word, (2) pray, (3) celebrate the Lord’s Supper, and (4) strengthen, encourage, exhort, and sacrifice for one another in community. While the third element happens only during corporate worship, the others extend into lunch during the week, play dates at the park, and small group discussions. The goal is not only for Jesus to be the center of our worship services, but the center of everything we think, want, discuss, and do.

Discipling the Nations

Scripture persuades us that our God is a saving God and He is eternally committed to saving a people for Himself from every tribe, tongue and nation. He has commanded and commissioned His people to pray and preach, planting gospel seed locally, regionally, nationally and internationally until He returns. So, while praying and preaching are not the full extent of Sylvania Church’s missions efforts, they are undoubtedly the essence of them.

Light & Heat


Enjoy Jesus. Serve People.