Sylvania Church in Tyler, Texas

Seeking to Treasure Christ—Together

(and we’d love to have you with us this Sunday @ 10:20am)

Sylvania Church is a reformed Southern Baptist church in Tyler TX

Worship Times

2801 S SE Loop 323
Tyler, TX 75701

Sylvania Church Sunday worship service times

Sunday Mornings

9:00 am — Sunday School
10:20 am — Corporate Worship

Sylvania Church Wednesday night service times

Wednesday Nights

5:00 pm — Wednesday Night Dinner
5:45 pm — AWANA
6:00 pm
— Youth & Adult Bible Studies

Sylvania Church in Tyler TX

A Quick Intro to Sylvania Church in Tyler, Texas

Sylvania Church in Tyler, TX, is centered on the gospel. And we’re committed to expository preaching, biblical fellowship, and making disciples. Theologically, we’re a reformed Southern Baptist church. And we want to see Jesus treasured (Matthew 13:44) not only here in Tyler, but everywhere on earth.

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Ministries We Appreciate

Founders Ministries
Southern Baptists of Texas Convention
Life in community at Sylvania Church in Tyler TX

Life in Christ. Together.

At Sylvania Church, we prioritize deep, spiritually beneficial relationships. And developing those kinds of relationships requires time and effort. So, from lunch hangouts and dinner gatherings to play dates and cookouts, our people look for ways to be together and care for each other outside our weekly gatherings. And there’s a particular sweetness to that.

And those relationships often begin during Wednesday night meals, Sunday school classes, and/or small groups. Or just inviting someone to lunch after church on Sunday. So, don’t sprint to your car after the benediction! ;)

Explore Our Ministries

The ministries of Sylvania Church are some of the structured ways we seek to grow in Christ together.

Discipling the Nations

Scripture persuades us that our God is a saving God and He is eternally committed to saving a people for Himself from every tribe, tongue and nation. He has commanded and commissioned His people to pray and preach, planting gospel seed locally, regionally, nationally and internationally until He returns. So, while praying and preaching are not the full extent of Sylvania Church’s missions efforts, they are undoubtedly the essence of them.

Sylvania Missions

At Sylvania, our missions efforts are aimed at seeing people treasure Jesus—wherever they are.

Plan Your Visit

There are lots of churches in Tyler, TX. And no two are exactly alike. So, here are some things that may help you plan your visit to Sylvania.

What do you believe?

The long answer to “What do you believe?” is on our What We Believe page, which contains our full statement of faith.

The short answer is that together with all Southern Baptist churches in Tyler TX, we affirm the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message. Being reformed, however, our beliefs are most accurately reflected in the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.

The statement of faith IS the official teaching position of the church. As you probably expect, it’s affirmed by all of our pastoral staff and elders.

But full adherence to our statement of faith IS NOT required for church membership. In short, church membership requires faith in the Triune God of the Bible, affirmation of the basic gospel, and the commitment to a life of growth in Christ-likeness.

Have questions? Contact us. We’d love to talk!

What's your worship style?

From the pulpit, you’ll hear expository preaching, which, in essence, means that we aim to make the point of the text we’re preaching the point of the sermon. Typically, our expository preaching is verse-by-verse and book-by-book. If you’d like to listen before you come, you can listen to our sermons online.

Our worship music is driven primarily by its content and secondarily by its style.

In practice, we sing old stuff old style, old stuff new style, and new stuff new style.

That means that everyone in attendance will most likely sing a song or two in a style he/she prefers and the rest in a style that’s not his/her favorite. It reiterates to us individually that “it’s not about me.” And that’s a good thing.

You can listen to some of the songs we sing or even listen to the ones we’ll sing this Sunday.

What should I wear?

No one likes to show up under (or over) dressed. On Sunday mornings, you’ll find everything from blue jeans and t-shirts to coat & tie.

Should I let you know I'm coming?

That’s totally up to you. That said, if you let us know you’re coming, we’ll reach out in advance to introduce ourselves and help you get your bearings before you show up.

Where do I go?

If you decide to join us for Sunday school, enter the double doors under the portico. We’ll help you from there. If you only come for corporate worship, then you can enter under the portico or through the double doors closest to the Loop.

Where do my kids go?

During Sunday school, we have ministries for every age child. During corporate worship, kids age 2-4 have the option to go to children’s church after the musical portion of the service. The nursery (kids under 2 years) is open all morning. But it’s totally fine if you’d rather keep your kids with you during the service.

If I have kids, how early should I arrive?

If you’re attending for the first time, arriving 10 minutes early should give you plenty of time to get your kids checked in and still have time to get to Sunday school or the worship service.

How do I get connected?

There are several things that make connecting at Sylvania Church easy: (1) commit to a Sunday school class, (2) stick around after corporate worship (we like each other, so we stick around to talk), (3) commit to the Wednesday night meal, (4) join a small group, and (5) invite people to lunch and/or dinner (our folks enjoy it). The people who do those things tend to connect very easily.

Sunday morning worship times and location at Sylvania Church in Tyler TX

Worship With Us This Sunday.

Here’s when we meet:

  • 9:00 am — Sunday School
  • 10:20 am — Corporate Worship

And here’s where we meet:

2801 S SE Loop 323 Tyler, TX 75701*

* Sylvania Church is located 2 minutes from Green Acres Bowl, 3 minutes from the UT Tyler main campus, and 5 minutes from the TJC main/central campus.

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