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As The Time Draws Near…

by | Jan 17, 2013 | Blog | 0 comments

So, this coming Sunday, I will be preaching a sermon on “The Last Days” from Isaiah 2:1-5. Now, this post isn’t all about which theory is right or wrong, when stuff is going to happen or not happen, etc. (You have to listen to the sermon for some of those things). I wanted to take a moment and share something that few people ever get the chance to experience, unless you prepare sermons on a regular basis.

I love to preach. As such, I love to do “sermon prep.” It can be very difficult and time-consuming, and sometimes it is a bit frustrating, especially when I am having a hard time discerning the meaning of a text, or how it applies to Christian living, or why it is “stepping on my toes so much!” All in all, however, it is a wonderful experience. Spending hours, sometimes days, seeing how the Word of God interacts with Itself, and then with the life of God’s people. Seeing the themes that come together. Truth that is unified and not disjointed. I love it when a text carries me through the whole of Scripture, forcing me to see that God, in Jesus, has purposed His Word for the use and benefit of His people. It is for our good and His glory.

And so it was for the preparation for this coming Sunday’s sermon. The idea of “the Last Days” is interwoven throughout all the Scripture. This coming Sunday, I will make reference to at least 17 other books in the Bible, besides Isaiah, to discuss “The Last Days.” What a joy to see that God’s unveiling of Himself through His Son, and the ultimate plan He has for His people, is so overwhelmingly comprehensive.

What a blessing to be able to soak in the Word of God, and what a privilege to then share that Word with others. And what a joy to know that it is not a disjointed collection of fables; but rather, a unified collection of Truth for the salvation of humans and the glory of God.

Perhaps today, you should take a journey through Word yourself. The treasure you will find is worth the labor of digging.


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