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Welcome To Wonderland

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I love the story of Alice in Wonderland. Animals that speak. Food and drink that make you grow and shrink. Playing cards, odd courtroom drama, and a pig-baby.  What’s not to love?!
The thing I love most about the story is the larger moral it teaches: eventually you have to grow up and live in the real world. Let me be cautious here. The imagination is a good thing. People should strive to think beyond what they see and know and press on toward great and wonderful things. The imagination aids in this process.  But there comes a point in which we must leave fantasy behind and cling to what is real. I am afraid that as a culture, we have largely left the realm of reality, fallen down Alice’s rabbit hole, and are quite content to live life in as unrealistic world as possible.

Transgenderism As An Example of The Rabbit Hole

I know that what I am about to type will get me labeled a bigot by some. That is fine. It may get me unfriended by some folks on Facebook, or unfollowed on Twitter. So be it. Here is my thesis: the rapid and aggressive rise of the transgender movement shows that America is living in a perpetual Wonderland, altogether disconnected from any semblance of reality.
Let me explain why this is the case. Human beings are born with genetic distinguishers. Our DNA causes the vast array of traits we witness among the mass of humanity. It is why we all look quite different from one another, rather than all being exactly the same. One such pair of chromosomes (the 23rd pair to be exact), determines the biological sex of each particular human person. With the exception of incredibly rare genetic disorders that influence the 23rd chromosome pairing, the biological effect of this pair of chromosomes is always the same: XX produces a biological human female and an XY produces of biological human male. Every time. Without fail.
The consequences of this truth on a bio-chemical (and by extension whole-organism level) are pretty staggering in their differences. The presence or absence of a prostate gland, differing genitalia, higher concentrations of estrogen or testosterone, the ability to internally grow another human or not…the list goes on. And while I am an evangelical Christian, I don’t have to reference chapter or verse from the Bible on this one. This is pure, unadulterated, anybody can see it in the lab or the locker room science. Human DNA makes men and women different. In fact, the genetic disorders that impact this fact are so rare, we can say with great confidence that 99.5% of the time, the presence of the XX or the XY chromosome will always have the same result: a girl, or a boy.
Yet, the transgender movement not only exists, but is gaining ground and moving forward faster than just about any social movement our culture has ever seen. What is the common thread that is regularly repeated among those desiring to make a “gender transition?” It is this, “My body made a mistake. I shouldn’t be this way.  This is not how I want to be.” And there enters the logic of Wonderland. My mind (which is rarely objective, constantly in flux based on background, experience, etc.) takes supremacy over the tried and true demonstration of human genetics.

Why Does The Mind Always Win?

What we have with the transgender movement is a battle between “is” and “want.” There is world of what is real and the world of fantasy, a world someone wishes were so. The body is telling a person, “You are a woman.” This happens in a variety of ways, but is usually often and regularly apparent after the onset of puberty. The same is true for men. If your body says, “I am a woman,” but your mind says “I am a man,” why does the mind always win out? Where are the naturalists, the “new atheists” the champions of modern science, those divorcing knowledge from feelings and making sure it is filled only with facts? Here is a fact: barring the rare genetic disorders mentioned earlier, the XX and XY pairing will always have the same biological, natural result. Why should anyone’s feelings get to change that? What gives any human person the right to say “no,” I don’t feel like this biological fact is true for me? Case in point, Bruce Jenner’s DNA still identifies him as biologically male. He may have had surgeries, hormone therapy, and changed his name. But someone were to look under the microscope at one of his cells, there on that fateful 23 pair, you would find an XY. If the person looking in that microscope on that day had no idea about Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, their factual, scientifically based assertion would be, “We are looking at the cell of a biological male.” No amount of hoping, praying, wishing, injecting, surgery or the like will change that fact. It is reality.

Trapped Behind The Looking Glass

So, here we are. We are stuck behind Alice’s looking glass and caught in the rabbit hole. We are happy to play croquet with the queen, wonder about the sanity of the Hatter, and pretend that this is real life. Will we ever be back on the shore, with the sun on our face, with our feet on solid ground? Or, will these fantasies continue to be exchanged for reality. Welcome to Wonderland. Sit down, pull up a chair, and have a cup of tea.


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