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Women’s Roles In The Church: A Q&A

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Colossians 3:15 (NASB): “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body; and be thankful.”

Women’s Roles In The Church – The Background

I want to give a little bit of background to this wonderful event held by and for the ladies of Sylvania Church. The event was not a “response event” to any of the recent conversations in the SBC or larger Christian world regarding the roles of women in the local church. It has been on the books and in planning for months. However, it received a much-unexpected interest boost by some of the recent interactions among evangelicals, namely Beth Moore and John MacArthur. The Women’s Council of Sylvania Church wanted to allow our members to hear about our church’s perspective on this issue, and discover ways to faithfully and fully use their gifting for the benefit of the saints and the glory of God.

Women’s Roles In The Church – The Setup

The recording being attached in this link was made in the home of one of our church members. It was a casual, relaxed environment. Heard on the recording during the interview are Laura Roberts, a member of our Women’s Council and Phillip Dancy, former Pastor of Sylvania Church. Given the casual, non-professional nature of the event and its recording, there will be a few times that the audio isn’t as clear. These are minimal and few. On the whole, the quality of the recording is well-done for the environment in which it was taken.

Also, though I received copies of the questions in advance, none of the answers were scripted. When appropriate, we would move to secondary questions sparked from the answers given. As such, there are a few times in which I misspoke (such as mispronouncing Junias’ name from Romans 16:7). I ask that those listening in would for forgive any “off the cuff” missteps. The restriction to mostly receiving questions from one person allowed this to feel more personal and conversational – which I think added to the event as a whole.

Women’s Roles In The Church – The Response

I encourage you to listen to this Q&A with an open heart and an open mind. The views expressed here won’t be found as agreeable to everyone that hears them. That’s okay. The time spent at this event was filled with grace and compassion. It was a joy to participate in and allowed from great conversation “after the fact.” I am supplying two separate links to the audio. Please feel free (and encouraged) to share this material on any of your social media platforms. The ladies I have spoken with at Sylvania have each expressed how encouraging this time was to them. I pray it might also be for you as well.

Audio through the website

Audio through Sermon Audio

Phillip Dancy is the pastor of Sylvania Church. He is married to an amazing woman and has three wonderful children. He has been in pastoral ministry for more than twenty years. He is the author of two books: Pity The Fool and What About Mary?


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