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An Open Letter To Lauren Daigle

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Blog | 65 comments

Hi Lauren,

You don’t know me. We have never met and probably never will. My name is Phillip. I am a husband (of almost 18 years), a father of 3 boys, and have been in pastoral ministry for more than 20 years. I have two advanced degrees in Church History and Theology.

Now, I know this is a weird way to start a letter, but I felt I needed to give you a little background before I write the things below. Context is important. I want you to know a little about me, so that I don’t just come off as some hyper-critical internet troll looking to pick a fight and catch 15 seconds of fame off of a hot-button issue. I don’t want to come off as some random, faceless name that may or may not have something worthwhile to share with you.

Let me start with the positives. I really like your music. The bluesy-jazz vibe in your voice is refreshing among the field of cookie-cutter, auto-tune pop that plagues the airways. The sound of soul is refreshing. I appreciate it. Also, for the most part, the songs I have heard from you are solid, God-honoring songs. We have sung a few of them in our church services where I pastor. Thank you for writing music that can cultivate a spirit and environment of worship.

I listened to your brief interview with Domenick Nati. The internet is all abuzz about it. But I need you to know, I actually listened to the interview. I didn’t just read some quote-mined article about the interview. I appreciate the overall humility you expressed when asked about homosexuality being a sin. I also appreciated the general tone you took. You weren’t defensive, combative, or spiteful. That tends to be the tone by far too many people on both sides of the issue.

In the interview, you pointed people to reading the Bible for themselves. You stated that if they can figure out whether homosexuality is a sin, then help you learn that as well. You stated you don’t know and are open to learning the truth. I thank you for exhibiting a teachable spirit around this issue. That actually displays a unique kind of bravery in our current culture. Typically, anyone that doesn’t immediately affirm the value of the homosexual position is considered an enemy of progress.  To the leave the question open in the world of media and entertainment took guts. Well done for that.

I am not going to throw you under the bus like a number of my evangelical friends have done to this point. Your issue is one of discipleship. Before I address that specifically, I think full transparency is important. I am a conservative, orthodox Christian.  I do think the Bible teaches homosexuality is a sin. I also think it teaches that various forms of heterosexual activity outside of the covenant of marriage are sin. I also think it teaches that pride, greed, gluttony, etc. are sin. Yet, I understand why you are struggling with this issue. The Christian Church has always had issues that people struggle with – even if those issues seem “clear” in the Bible. Because of this, discipleship has always been a primary part of the Christian experience. There is a call for the church to guard itself against false teaching. Why? Because any teaching that softens the call to be like Christ in the world – not just in compassion, but also in holiness – will at some point negatively affect the value of the gospel in the world. The gospel is a call from brokenness to wholeness; from slavery to redemption; from wickedness to holiness. Your own song, “How Can It Be,” expresses this idea well. Jesus has come to make a great exchange: our wickedness for His righteousness.

However, our current Christian world has many divergent voices on what that holiness looks like. Many have moved away from the clear, standard of righteousness given in Scripture and moved to a “buffet-style” version of Jesus. We walk down the line of the things God calls from our lives and we say, “Yes, I will take some mercy and compassion. Oh no – I won’t take any of that closemindedness about human sexuality. I will have a little righteousness, but not so much that I come off standoffish.” We cannot approach God this way. We are like the rich young ruler. He approached Jesus, asking about eternal life. Jesus challenged the thing that young man didn’t want to let go of. The young man walked away from Jesus, sad. Notice what happens in that story: the young man loved himself (in this case, demonstrated by his wealth), more than he loved God. Jesus, loving God and His truth, let the young man walk away from eternal life. Jesus didn’t make the criteria easier for the young man.

In this letter, I will not explain why I believe homosexuality is sin. There are great teachers out there that have plenty of great explanations about this issue. You can check out John MacArthur, John Piper,  Al Mohler, or Kevin DeYoung to name a few. No, my concern from the interview has little to do with your comments regarding the issue of homosexuality. I am glad you are asking hard questions, and I pray you find good answers.

My greater concern from your interview is about something that none of my other evangelical brothers and sisters will likely address with you. About midway through the interview, Domenick Nati stated, “You going on Ellen is something your career really needs. You’ve gone mainstream. You’ve got a huge person reaching out. You would be really foolish to turn that down and be like, ‘No, you’re gay.'” Your response was telling. You said, “Yeah, Perfect way to end your career.” Toward the end of the interview, you mentioned being “married to your career.”

Earlier in this letter, I spoke about the rich young ruler. He had things. Things he had made. Things he had built. Things he loved. Things, very likely, he did “to honor and glorify God.” Yet, when called upon to follow Christ or keep the things he made, he chose to keep his own life, to keep his own possessions. I don’t necessarily think it was wrong or bad for you to go on Ellen’s show. It is great platform for millions of people that potentially don’t know or believe the gospel to be exposed to the truth of Jesus Christ. As far Christian mission goes, it seemed a great opportunity. Oh, and since I am being transparent, I don’t think Ellen is “bad” because she is gay. Being gay isn’t what makes a person “bad.” Being in Adam, shackled by a love of self, in a state in which our lives do not reflect the glory of God because of the absence of Christ, that is what makes us “bad.” There are plenty of heterosexuals that fit that bill.

Your concern about doing what was necessary to “keep your career” is what I found most alarming. Jesus often calls us to let go of things, not pursue things, and to not have lives that we want to have – all for His glory and His purpose. Jesus says it plainly, “If anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow me (Mark 8:34). My concern for you isn’t your uncertainty about homosexuality. My concern for you is this “love of self” that seems to be associated with your concept of “not ending your career.” It is a very slippery slope to stand on. What if you come to the conclusion that homosexuality is a sin? What if you are asked that again in the future in another public forum? If your desire is for a “career that won’t be ruined” over the truth and glory of Jesus, then you will be facing a crisis of belief. If you went on Ellen as a way to make much of Jesus where He isn’t usually named, I say “Amen.” If you went on Ellen to get your name out more and find avenues of greater “success,” that could be quite problematic. God doesn’t call for us to be successful according to the world’s standards. God calls us to be faithful, persevering in a life of faith and repentance, overcoming the draw back to the old lives of sin from which we were delivered.

Lauren, this is my concern for you. I am glad you are struggling with hard questions. I think it is good that you want your answers to come from the Word. But, I can’t help but wonder about something based on the “career comments” in the interview. Are you struggling with the issue of homosexuality because you are genuinely seeking the truth, or are you struggling with this issue because it could pose a future roadblock for the advancement of your career? In the first scenario, God welcomes the heart that is seeking truth and wisdom. In the second, truth and wisdom are clouded by selfish ambition. In the first, God’s grace usually produces a repentant heart and a strong faith. In the second, if left unchecked, the result is usually the same as the rich young ruler: someone walking away sad from the presence of Jesus. My desire for you as a Christian is that you not walk away from Jesus, nor begin to create an environment in your life now that might lead you to do so later.


  1. Misty Childs

    Well said, with an obvious heart to be iron sharpening iron, speaking truth in love. We attend FBC Lindale and lift you and your congregation up often in our opening prayers. Thank you for holding to biblical truth & encouraging Lauren as she walks in a very public position. May God be glorified in Lauren’s life and through her talents, and through your shepherding over your flock.

      • michael mann

        i believe anyone thats love lauren and what her music stands for as i do and a multitude of others do appreciate your commits that she stay humbled and a servant of God/Jesus. So many will teeter on what she says and does with little thought thats why she needs to be steadfast on truth willing to sacrifice all except the love of God for the greater truth. Whatever in faith she does putting God first and not what she logics thru is for God and maybe maybe a little vanity where some success of self is soaked in where all glory should be to God. God will continue blessing her and others through her for denying self. Added note my friend has been through some hell brought on by poor choices and those cracks that were created that was left open for unclean spirits and demonic influence. Now she is hearing crys from her children that are in others care that seem to be with here this is maddening and is tearing her down spiritually mentally and physically. Demonic forces cloud her brain so she wont let me show and tell her of Gods thruth. But throgh Contemporary Christian Music and Laurens music one of her favorite songs “you say”, its helps her sleep and mutters the dark spirits. My brother demons are jubulious when hers are attacking. The controlling spirits are attacking her by way of cultural religious beliefs of a Muslim trying to hold her and there is occult around him in the form of witches and warlocks siblings And now my mother has been hospitalized with a massive stroke left side had a right side 10 years ago that paralized herleft side. Massive loss to us but the adversity has brought some openness to correction not yet at redemption but hopeful. For both but in Gods time all things working to Gods glory thank you Jesus Thank you God Pray for us all these are tough times, but can be Glorious for those that believe in Jesus and resist carnal temptations. Im in Beavercreek, Kettering, Centerville OHIO area If any spiritual help nearby.

    • Lynn Doyle

      Well said encouragement to Pastor Dancy, Misty. I appreciate his humble and loving approach. This was not a judgmental article. It is loaded with sound, biblical counsel.

    • Brenda walker

      Are we not required to just love.Say it I believe it is a sin..yes..but I am not here to judge you.We make our own choices.Freedom.Let Jesus judge …I will love.!Hard for Some.The sin part is hard for many but then we all sin..Thank God there is a shedding process going on.New Sister.

      • brad flynn

        2 Timothy 3:16 states that all scripture is God breathed, and it helps us teach, equip. and correct/rebuke the saints! Why? For the sake of the righteousness of the saint ready for every good work. So brenda, while I appreciate your desire to love; omitting spiritual correction is a form of unbelief and hate, not love- that type of love is from the carnal flesh, not biblical love. We do not let the blind lead the blind, one needs sight to lead the other. So we as David states in Psalm 119; Your Word is a Lamp onto My Feet, a Light ontm my Path. Yes, Jesus is all about grace, and He is all about truth. Without love, there is no truth; without truth there is no love. God bless

    • Julie Grainger

      I think you are great,by the time my son was two I knew he was gay,I love him I just don’t like the sin. Your singing maybe help some someone. I love you keep sing.
      Juli Grainger

  2. Tessa

    I find it ironic that you chose an “open letter” format where you would gain public attention. Was that necessary? Was it for Lauren’s admonition or your accolades? The same questioning of motives you used with Lauren could as easily be asked of you. It’s just a curiosity.

    • Phillip Dancy

      This is a great question. One that each Christian acting in public spheres must ask and re-ask. Motives are important. While you don’t know me, I believe my motivation was twofold:
      (1) for the people I influence in my local congregation to understand the greater issue in the very public statements made by a Christian artist held in high regard by many at the church I pastor.
      (2) a genuine hope that Lauren would see this and ask herself these hard questions. She is surrounded by various voices, not all all of them helpful. I truly do pray she will consider the call of Christ toward a life a sacrifice.
      Thank you for taking the time to ask your questions. May Christ’s grace be manifest in your life today.

      • Lori Rutherford

        I like this response.
        Well written as was the original letter! I also like your “open” letter to Lauren. I love Lauren, in fact, I am taking my 10 year old granddaughter to her show in Phoenix.. She sang her song, “Look Up Child” in a talent show and wants to meet her. That being said, I too questioned why Lauren didn’t just give a response such as “Yes, but don’t we all sin? ” and leave it at that? The Bible tells us to repent and sin no more, I believe that means to not continue in the same sin. Those who know the Bible will get it, those who don’t, maybe not.

      • Toni

        I love Lauren Daigle and her music. I have tickets to see her in concert. We sang one of her songs at Church this morning. I think you are way off base when questioning her motives. There are may Christian Artists out there that do concerts and go on talk shows. I believe that the Country we are living in now, needs a lot more Lauren Daigles. I’m curious. What’s the difference in Joel Osteen being worth millions? All these mega Churches that have Pastors that live in million dollar houses? Then there is Franklin Graham who excepts money mailed to him and supports a President that has NO morals. We are living in a broken world. Lauren Daigle is a breath of fresh air. On judgement day we will all have to answer for the things in our lives that are deemed sinful. I’m thankful my God will be doing the judging.

        • Chad Barnes


          The author didn’t criticize Lauren Daigle for going on a talk show or for making money. Like me, he seems curious to know why Lauren Daigle went soft on homosexuality during the interview leading up to her meeting with Ellen.

          As theologically rich as her music is, it’s hard to imagine that she’s genuinely confused about the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality. While there are growing numbers of people who insist that the Bible is unclear on homosexuality, the obvious truth is that the Bible is nothing of the sort.

          To the contrary, the Bible is remarkably clear on homosexuality. It’s sin. Plain and simple.

          That begs the question, “What would motivate a person wanting to transition from the Christian market to the mainstream to play the ignorance card just before entering the national spotlight in front of one of the most influential homosexuals on the planet?”

          That said, I don’t think what she did defines her as an ungodly person, but her response to her interviewer failed to reflect the truthfulness of Scripture and that failure seemed deliberate.

          • Shine

            I agree

        • Su

          I’m wondering what Bible you read. Because mine reads that we are commanded to pray for those God has placed in authority over us. It doesn’t just those that are Christ Followers but all in authority.
          Franklin Graham’s acceptance of money has nothing to do with Lauren Diegals stand on what is sin and what isn’t. God had it written down in Scripture how to know.
          The problem is there isn’t a lot of discipling happening so people know what God has to say about sin and being a Christ Follower.

        • Shine

          As will our thoughts and attitudes be judged. Not just our actions.

      • Aida

        I’m so glad you did an open letter. You helped me on my journey. Your letter is full of truth spoken with an abundance of grace. Thank you!

  3. Doug

    There is actually not explicit ‘proof’ in the Bible that being gay is a sin. It is called interpretations. If you take that to be truth based off of the times as well you also take truth to that women should be property. When reading old scriptures you must be knowledgeable about the times they were written to discover what they truly mean. Saying this as a Christian who studied/studies under Christian scholars with doctoral degrees. Hope you can find the truth and the light sooner rather than later.

    • JUDE


      • Danny Crabtree

        Wow. Just wow. You do know that having an affair receives the same treatment as homosexuality. Both are an abomination and resulting in death. I do not hear the same cries for death for adulterers as I do homosexuals.

        • Chad Barnes

          Danny, did I overlook a call for the death of homosexuals in this article?

          Also, I’m an elder at Sylvania and can say from firsthand experience that adultery is not overlooked or brushed under the rug at our church.

          So, why isn’t adultery more of a “hot button” public issue? Because the mainstream isn’t heralding adultery as a virtue. Droves and droves of professing Christians aren’t being duped into thinking adultery is morally upright.

          And that’s no insignificant difference.

    • Lee

      Roman’s 1: 18-30 should clear up what the bible, God, Jesus and the Holy spirit says about this issue. If we read the gospels, the disciples gave up everything to follow Christ. Rarely did we here him cheering them on or Pat’s on the back. He wanted his followers to be lovers of righteousness no matter the cost. These men didn’t stop follow him because they knew he loved them. We must speak the truth in love. How shall they, the world know Gods loves them outside of TRUTH!

  4. Doug

    There is actually not explicit ‘proof’ in the Bible that being gay is a sin. It is called interpretations. If you take that to be truth based off of the times as well you also take truth to that women should be property. When reading old scriptures you must be knowledgeable about the times they were written to discover what they truly mean. Saying this as a Christian who studied/studies under Christian scholars with doctoral degrees. Hope you can find the truth and the light sooner rather than later.

    • Phillip Dancy


      Thank you for taking time to comment.
      While it is true we must be careful when interpreting ancient texts, the Scritpure seems quite clear concerning the sinfulness of the homosexual lifestyle. True, many evangelicals attempt to elevate this sin above all others – which is foolish. But it is listed as a sin, nonetheless.
      As far as “property laws” and gender equality, we must indeed be careful with interpretation in this regard. Given that there are examples of women owning property in the Old Testament and even leading (in Judges), we must sort out the Mosaic code with the practice, culture, etc.

      I am glad you have (and are studying) under Christian scholars with doctoral degrees. It is always good to challenge ourselves. I did the same, even receiving a doctorate in Historical Theology myself.

      As far as finding the truth and the light, Jesus Christ is the epitome of both of these things. I have embraced His gospel call, having repented of sin and trusted in His completed work on the cross and find hope in His resurrection from the dead. I am not aware of any greater truth or light I can find than this!

      Again, thank you for your comment. I pray the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ is abundant on you!

      • Lauren Hallinan

        Please remember how the enemy can penetrate all aspects of our lives. Especially working hard on those who are attempting to spread the Gospel. I believe your letter showed your concern for Lauren; however, praying fervently for Lauren and her ministry is what I am choosing to do for her.

        • Willie

          You’re what’s wrong with religion. “I have two degrees, I’m smarter than you….I post trash on the internet. This don’t sound like the love of Christ going to the person you have an issue with. This is bragging and a cry for help by someone whose parents bought them two degrees, while everyone else was living in the real world.

          • Chad Barnes

            Willie, I think you missed the author’s stated reason for making that comment: to keep from “com[ing] off as some hyper-critical internet troll looking to pick a fight and catch 15 seconds of fame off of a hot-button issue.”

            He wasn’t tooting his own horn—he was trying to make it clear that he’s not looking to make this his moment of fame.

          • Phillip Dancy

            Willie, thank you for the effort at a corrective. It is true that any of us, myself included, can exalt our own achievements in a proud and boastful way. It is certainly something we all need to be cautious about.

            Though not really important to this discussion or the blog above, I would like to offer a mild corrective to your comment. When I went to school for my advanced degrees, I was working, married, and not living with my parents any longer. Though wonderful and helpful people, my parents didn’t help me pay for those degrees. It felt very “real world” trying to balance a new family, work, and school all at the same time.
            Again, not really relevant to the discussion, but you seemed to find it important, so I wanted you to have good and correct information.

        • Linda S. Cooks

          I agree, all should be using our lives to witness to the world. However our humanness allows the flaws to also be shown. And even now we are showing the great difference of opinions humans have on any subject.
          So I again agree with you and say we should pray one for another.

          Linda S. Cooks

  5. Stephanie

    You speak about carers and love of self. Yet here you have repeated yourself about your doctorate. This is a material thing. This will not go with you when you kneel before Jesus after death. You say you repented your sin. Sin is not absolved in one moment. It takes place daily in our lives. We remove our pride and love of self when we ask Jesus to forgive us for our sins. We ask for his help, lean on him heavily. We ask for guidance. We are never above Jesus. We are also not judges of our fellow Brothers and sisters. It is only God’s duty to judge. We do not need to worry about impressing people. We should worry about impressing God. When a person reaches a high rank in the entertainment industry, there are forms of contact you can fill out. Then your letter would truly have been seen by her people and perhaps Lauren as well. The best way for her to be helped is through silent peayer:;solely between you and Jesus. We all need to take a step back and scrutinize our motives. Please do not wish anything on me in the ending of your reply. It comes off as condescending and fake.

    • VernHaines

      Well said Stephanie.

    • Ken de la Pryme

      Nice response. Christian artists need prayer and support. They, like their critics, are not perfect.

    • Vickie Wainright

      The Bible is clear on the subject of homosexuality!
      The Pastor t told the truth straight from the word. Praise God for a “John the Baptist” in these days! Look up Christ is returning and be ready! He was not bragging about his education..praise God for men like him who speak truth.

  6. Terry Martin

    Philip thank you for your your letter and your comments about Lauren Daigle’s interview. I agree with you and I’m thankful for you speaking out. My issues are the same about us as Christians in general….we play the gray game to much…Jesus put it in black and white but we’re not happy unless we can have a taste of everything in the store. I struggle with my own issues but I know that God clearly wants me in a closer relationship with him. I commend Lauren for taking it to the masses but I also believe we have our duty as children of God to take a stand. Sometimes we have to just shake the dust off our sandals and move on. Hard thing to do in this present age. Lauren is a voice to the masses and I believe that God is allowing her and her voice to prick the hearts of many people into thinking about who this man that we call Jesus and his dying for our sins and his forgiveness. That’s what you and I are ssupposed to be doing. God Bless

  7. Sarah Wallace

    I pray that you strengthen your connection with Jesus so that you can learn to mind your own. I think it’s interesting how people with an education and a practice with words can twist and turn an article to convice others that they are right. If you had a true connection with God you would know that posing your opinion and questions to Lauren Daigle in a very public setting is obviously motivated by something other than “helping her.” God knows her heart, and their relationship is sacred and intimate, just as everyone’s relationship with God should be. When did we start making singers of the Christian faith full-on judges of what’s right or wrong? Isn’t that putting them on a pedestal like the bible says not to do? It sounds like perhaps you have aloud the people around you to put you on a pedestal and it’s time to let God be the only one higher than anyone else.

  8. Sam Morris

    Not sure I get the main theme that we are to lay down our dreams to pursue the love and success of the talents we possess.
    Is the farmer wrong in pursuing being the best and most productive farmer he can be. What of the doctor, the builder, the inventor and so forth.
    If all Christians gave up their dreams to be the best then what kind of world would be left behind. How are we as Christians going to have a voice when we are busy squandering our talents in the name of denying self. Is this what you are suggesting? Maybe I’m reading it incorrectly. For me I will stay busy tending the log in my eye and let you tend to the splinter in yours. The message in the Bible is a clothe woven of so many threads of different color that we can debate it’s true color until the end of time. Let that clothe fit and protect each as they wear it in their personal walk with God
    You stated that you are a father of three. I too am a father of three. What I have learned about parenting as a loving father is that my love, my forgiveness, my compassion, my hope, my protection for my children are endless to me, yet they pale in comparison to that which I believe God has for me, you, Lauren Daigle and all that seek his face even in a way that you, I ate any religion may or may not deem acceptable.
    The God that I talk to humbles me when I think of his mercy, grace and forgiveness.
    None of us will ever achieve Christ likeness in this world or these bodies.
    Sing on Lauren Daigle and let your voice be heard in all the corners of this earth. However you can.

    • Catherine Nappenbach

      AMEN, AMEN

  9. Tyrone Chan

    I happened to stumble on this discussion, and I understand how both sides of the discussion could be passionate about how they view or perceive Lauren and her response to the questions the world has thrown at her. But, I also understand how in my own life, I have wanted to jump to the defense of the truth, forgetting that sometimes when it involves a precious child of God, i really don’t need to. I have heard Lauren speak about God and have noticed that God’s hand is upon her, and I saw the Jesus twinkle in her eye. So, in her defense, let us give grace understanding that he is Faithful to sort out any issues in her life, because he sure did in my own life and the same grace he has given me, is the same grace we need today. So, let us pray for Lauren that God will continue to use her more and more to change lives, with the precious gift he has blessed her with.

  10. Anthony Erickson

    Praise God for His speaking in the saints! We all need the revelation that it is just God, in Christ, as the Spirit speaking in our spirit that’s important. Nothing else matters. That this conversation evolved, for whatever reason, is wonderful in itself!
    We don’t need clergy, dogma, tradition, theological “cemeteries” and the like; we just need Christ! He is, and will always be, the only solution to everything.
    End of story.
    Lauren’s song’s are where we need to be right now. They express the feelings, the heartfelt, and spiritual feelings, of one who loves and lives before the Lord Jesus.
    This age is coming to an end, right before our eyes! This is it! We all need to be living before the Lord in all things! It’s the only way we can prepare for what lies ahead.
    Remember the ten virgin’s who were sleeping when their Lord returned? Five were short of oil in their lamps.
    The only way one can get more oil is to enjoy the Lord’s presence right now! Read the Bible,call on His name, pray, and believe!
    Seriously; pay attention to what’s going on: self supporting feedback loops, global warming, tipping points, our being near the end of the sixth great mass extinction, sea level rise, weather anomalies, food and water shortages…need I continue?
    Remember who’s president, keep an eye on his son-in-law, and expect to see the “deal of the century” unfold before our eyes!

  11. Anthony Erickson

    Seriously? It’s just Christ in us being expressed; that’s all that matters. Amen

    • Kate

      Pastor, seems like you’re making a lot of assumptions based off of one comment in one interview. Also, this question “Are you struggling with the issue of homosexuality because you are genuinely seeking the truth, or are you struggling with this issue because it could pose a future roadblock for the advancement of your career”. Could also be asked of you. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide you both.

  12. linda mitchell

    I believe Lauren is following Christ through her career. I believe she has chosen to give up “marriage” or relationship to follow her God given dream.

  13. Kimblerly y Rogers

    Thank you for speaking the truth in love… To all of us. We cant straddle the fence after what the cross cost Jesus. Cant please the world n Him too… Either or. I pray for her to have boldness for Christ. She surely has a platform most dont. God bless you for your love for JESUS 1st n others as well.

  14. Deb Williams

    Your letter addresses a problem of the church as a whole. Why diminish Lauren Daigle? Why not send her a private message instead of hanging onto her successful
    “Career” to get attention and boost your own name? Your open letter goes against scripture which tells us to go to One in private if your heart hurts because you see them doing something wrong. Bad idea. You owe her an open letter of apology.

    • Chad Barnes

      Deb, you seem to assume that the Matthew 18 instruction for the handling of private sins (i.e., those committed by one person against another) applies to public failures to honor Christ.

      But if you were really convinced of that, you wouldn’t have rebuked Phillip publicly in this comment thread.

      To be clear, I don’t think public rebukes are categorically out of bounds. I’m simply noting that apparently you don’t either.

      In fact, there’s a clear precedent in Scripture for the public rebuke public sins.

      Consider Jesus’s regular rebukes of one disciple in front of other disciples, rebukes of Pharisees or other Jews in front of, well, everyone.

      Similarly, consider Paul’s rebuke of Peter for not wanting Jews to see him eating with Gentiles or his implicit public rebuke of Euodia and Synteche for not being at peace with one another.

      In short, I would suggest that some public sins warrant public rebukes. And when someone as influential in Christian circles as Lauren Daigle crumbles under the cultural pressure for Christians to go soft on the clear biblical teaching that homosexuality is sinful, I would suggest that’s one of those sins.

    • Angela Lasyone


    • Catherine Nappenbach

      YES, I AGREE

  15. Bob D Harms

    Pastor, thank you for your words they are perfect toward helping many I love finding the way to excepting truth with love free of condemnation

  16. Ken gromes

    Heterosexuality is sanctioned biblically for what reason? Homosexuality is condemned for what reason?

    There are numerous couples who have lived together and by all appearances, fulfill the Christian principles enumerated throughout history. But what if those couples only survive but do not thrive?

    Which is better? A loving sincere relationship with a person? Or one of rejection and emotional pain which has the disguise of Christianity?

    I will say I am aware of several relationships within the church body that, by all appearances, there is more love expressed in the non-traditional household than the supposed Christ centered home.

    I can ask. I can suggest. A trick all politicians use yet never answer the question.

    Pastor Dancy thinks and writes well. I am no match. I just know how I think and what I see.

    How can I condemn or suggest how one should live? Or the motives behind what one says? For the pastor to take the position that Ms. Daigle was looking only in the mirror for her livelihood, there may be more there than meets the eye.

    The only person who knows you is you. No one knows my private life and thoughts except God and Christ. No one knows Ms. Daigle inside. Reserve comments.

    We all have one. Opinion. Good or bad is decided by the reader. God bless.

  17. Lynn

    Beautifully written!

  18. Stephani Willis

    If you do some research sir, you will see that Lauren is very active in philanthropy, she spent time in brasil as well. She is always giving back and sharing love. That IS what God wants her to do. She is reaching millions and teaching Christ’s love every day. Do you do that? I doubt it. You are the example of why people don’t want to admit to being Christian, because of judgements. That is Gods job not ours.
    Why do people insist on picking a person apart that is just doing good?!

    • Chad Barnes

      Stephani, if you’re legitimately convinced that making judgments is why people don’t want to admit to being Christian, what am I to make of your judgment that Phillip is an example of why people don’t want to admit to being Christian?

      Also, the Bible teaches that we ARE to judge one another. After all, if judgments are out of bounds, why did Paul judge that Peter was wrong for not wanting the Jews to know he was eating with Gentiles? Why did Paul write the letter of 1 Corinthians (yikes!)?

      Beyond that, if judgments are really out of bounds, parenting simply cannot happen because every correction you make first requires a judgment that wrong was done.

      Admittedly, it would be presumptuous and out of bounds for Phillip to have called Lauren Daigle an unbeliever based upon that interview, but he simply did not do that.

      Finally, it’s important to note that doing many right things, as you say Lauren Daigle does (and I have no doubt is true), does not excuse what appears to have been a collapse under the social pressure to suggest that perhaps the Bible isn’t so clear on homosexuality. People’s lives are at stake and a suggestion like that communicates that we’re more concerned that those who make a practice of sinning don’t feel “judged” than we are that they are perishing!

  19. Nickolena turcotte

    I agree, well written

  20. Sondra Riley

    Always that one….love ur music lauren

  21. Dave Alexander

    I don’t believe there is a person on earth that could have delivered that message in such a profound and loving way.
    It needed to be done and thank you for addressing that issue that had to be straight out of the heart of Jesus Christ .
    I know that letter was not off the cuff your emotions, but out of spending a lot of time in prayer.

  22. Judy Koker

    How well said, in her music I feel it is about Jesus but is it in her Heart, Not saying she is lost but is she leaving her career become between her and God.. I love her music and it speaks to my heart.

  23. Linda S. Cooks

    I deeply love the songs you sing, which seem to be an avenue of worship and an outlet for the deep love you treasure with God.
    I also am in awe of this writers ability to gently approach and address difficult subjects in a critical society.
    I desire to again lean in upon your response to his remarkably observant correspondence.

    Gratefully yours

    Linda S. Cooks

  24. Aida

    In Our Bible study session last night we talked about “speaking truth in love” and you pointed out the importance that was so necessary. It’s so important for us to continue to nurture our soul while here on earth. I too enjoy Lauren’s music. I think it’s so unique. She truly has a gift that continues to bless millions. But I once said to a very large Christian book publishing company (I’m an author) that I rather focus on reaching millions for God, one person at the time, than the millions I might make but have to completely change the vision God has given me because man is taking control instead of following the one and true living God. I’m glad I came across your “open letter” which confirmed that I must continue to persevere in Christ alone!

  25. Lisa Wilson

    Bam! Exactly what the Holy Spirit has been telling me!! She needs prayer and lots of it!!!

  26. Shine

    So well stated! I heard this interview and it also troubled my spirit for her. I do not condemn her but I pray and prayed for her to become bolder in the faith and become confident in the Spirit to stand for Christ and stand against giving worldly responses thus becoming more like the world solely to advance her career.

  27. Cecilia burt

    Very well said love tells the truth the love of Jesus I’m glad somone finally spoke up thank for putting jesus above all

  28. Rita Akoto Coker

    Thank you so much Pastor Philip for coming out in clear terms to speak to Lauren. No one truly desiring to follow Christ will miss your explanations to stand boldly for Christ and move away from the “political correctness” which many Christians having given in have made shipwreck of their faith. The passages in the Bible against homosexuality need no further explanations for the one who truly love the Lord. I pray she gets her act together before it’s too late. I thank God for your life and ministry. We need more Pastors like you in these end times. I pray you hold onto your faith till the end. God richly bless you and help you to fulfil your ministry in Jesus name!

  29. brad flynn

    That is an excellent article, well written and absolutely dead-on the issue in Lauren’s life right now. Lord willing she reads it.

  30. Pam


  31. Benjamin

    Thanks for your article.

    • Lora

      This open letter was written with so much wisdom.
      It looked past the issue that seemed to be the issue (homosexuality) and cut through to the real issue of the heart. Excellent comparison to the rich young ruler’s sad response to Jesus.
      I feel that this pastor is well within his bounds to point this out, to his own flock and to all Christians.


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